About us

Project Purpose
- Papyrugram is an authorized startup Egyptian company in the field of promotion of tourism.

- Papyrugram is a website helps tourists to document the visiting by create a message with their name, photo, and a custom message on a papyrus paper to be kept in the Grand Egyptian Museum inside a huge time capsule.
- On your behalf, we print a two of certificate on papyrus and put one of them it in the time capsule with a big Glass window to see the internal content at any time you visit Egypt. Without any curiosity or waiting for a long time and another copy, you will receive it either from your tourist agent or at the opening of the Grand Egyptian museum .but you will receive a digital copy by e mail

- The tourist will be able to view his registered certificates online
You can also search for your certificate by name ,email or number .and you can Download , share on Facebook and Twitter from the gallery
We also aim to Protection of pharaonic monuments from tampering and deliberate destruction .Instead of writing on monuments and damaging them.

- The payment methods of Papyrugram will be credit card.

-To participate in the largest message of peace for the future generation and record a new world number in the Guinness World Records
In the land of pharaohs civilization and Pyramids by document the visiting of the tourists in papyrus certificate and put it in time capsule

. We located in the vicinity of the Pyramids area near the Grand Egyptian Museum. We will begin to set up a time capsule with 20,000 customers. Invite your friends to participate in the first time capsule for individuals in the world perpetuated your memory as did the ancient Egyptians and be one of the most distinguished around the world. And the first to send a real message to a generation of the future. So that we can start as soon as possible before the opening of the Grand Museum of Egypt in 2020

1- Premium certificate is the common
2- Royal is special certificate it come with privet number and golden ink
3- Fans certificate. It’s for you and your pop stars or your lovers just add your photo and photo of your lover to start